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Website Development (TPE) web site design, development, and hosting is the best money can buy. One thing you'll find different about us is that we don't resell your business to other companies. Most web design agencies build your website and host it with another company. We keep your website right here.

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Our web hosting servers are located in the same building we work, and that's where your website will be. We build websites with one goal in mind, to increase public exposure for your business. Sites designed and maintained by TPE are competitive with the largest companies in the world.

Here is our approach for putting your business online:

1.) We talk to you about your business goals and expectations. You have the opportunity to introduce your product(s) to us, and we help you find the best approach to selling online. There's more to selling online than just having a website. will help you employ strategies that bring your products to market and get cash flow started fast.

2.) TPE can design, deploy, host, maintain, and optimize your website for maximum competitiveness. Our search engine optimization techniques are long lasting rather than short lived.

3.) Once the website is built it will be hosted on our servers. You will be sent an email at midnight each day detailing the activity performance of your website. Also you'll be able to view real-time activity for your website online. You'll see the customers on your site and how they got there.

4.) Email hosting is included with website hosting. Your email will have the same domain address as your website. This gives your company a real and professional internet appearance. Your email will be accessible from anywhere in the world from any web browser or email program.

5.) Once you've got your website running you're going to need an inexpensive way to process credit cards. Make sure that you merchant services provider doesn't have a bunch of "junk fees" to drive up your credit card processing costs.

6.) Once your website begins selling products we'll discuss what type of shipping logitics you use. TPE has the capability of fulfilling sales shipments from your website which is described in our shipping logistics.

Give us a call at 800.458.1606

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