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Website Hosting Daily Activity Report Example

Web Hosting Daily Activity Report Example

This is the summary page included with our web hosting daily activity report. The report is generated each night at midnight and emailed to you so you have it when you start your work day. Many of our customers have stated that the first thing they like to do in the morning is sip coffee and review their activity report.

Look at the screen capture of the summary page above. This page alone tells us that:

  • The report is for the domain,
  • It was generated on Thursday, 2/23/2006 at 12:01am (midnight).
  • There were three visitors browsing your website at the time the report was generated.
  • The peak number of visitors on the site for the day was 28, and that occurred at 4:18am.
  • The total number of visitors that came to the site for the entire day was 833.
  • Of those 833 visitors, 243 of them were search engine spiders visiting to index the site.
  • The remaining 590 visitors were actual human beings.
  • Of all the visitors that came to the site, 419 of them had never came to the site before.
  • 171 of the visitors have been to the site at least once in the past.
  • There were 5 page errors on the site. This could be from people entering incorrect information in the shopping cart.
  • The website served up 1,901 pages from the website to the 833 visitors who came.
  • One file was downloaded. (Somebody probably copied an image or something.)
  • While the site was in operation serving the 1,901 pages, 207.7 Megabytes of data was transferred.
  • It took 15,613 seconds to transfer that 207.7 Megabytes of data. Not too bad. That's 13.3 kbps, and I'm sure some of the visitors were on dialup which can't be faster than 5.6 kbps.

Keep in mind this is only the summary page of the daily activity report included with your web hosting. After you finish reviewing the summary page the report goes into detail and tells you the information above plus more:

  • Of those 233 search engine spiders that indexed the site, it tells you which search engines visited and which pages they looked at during the visit.
  • Of the 590 human beings that visited the site the report says what search engine sent them there and what search phrase the customer typed that landed them on the website. This is a great tool for determining which phrases are bringing people to your site. Once a site is mature approximately 80% of the visitors come from Google, and the remaining 20% come from MSN and Yahoo!
  • Of the 590 human beings that visited your website you'll discover what webpage they landed on and how many other web pages the customer viewed while they visited.
  • And a whole lot more!

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