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Search Engine Optimization Example 1
Actual Google screenshot - our site ranks #1

In a recent poll 25% of respondents said they use search engine optimization to rank highly. How are you marketing your website?

Let us help you get found too! Read on to learn more about seo, or jump straight to our search engine optimization services program.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of fine tuning a website to the point where is it considered important to search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. Quite frankly, there is no secret formula for success in search engine optimization. (If there were a secret formula then everybody would know it, and we'd be right back to square one.) Instead, optimizing your website to the point where search engines consider it important is a commitment that takes time, effort, and patience. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter. With all the competition out there it's quite a daunting task for search engines to decide who ranks where. The good news is that if a search engine considers your site important enough to rank highly then it most likely IS important!

Through marketing experience with our own websites, has experience in the search engine optimization process. Hard work and dedication to search engine optimization has our websites, and our clients' websites, ranking very highly in thousands of searches.

Our SEO services provide consultation to your business so you rank higher in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS). Let's face it, if your website doesn't appear in the first few pages of search results it's highly unlikely you'll be receiving many visitors. We have no magic formula for search engine results, nor do we use instant-gratification tactics that could lead to search engines blacklisting your site. We design and promote sites that search engines like and customers like too. BUILD A SITE THAT PEOPLE LIKE, PROMOTE IT NATURALLY, AND SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS WILL COME NATURALLY. So many people get lost in the search engine wars that they totally forget about their customers. Their website looks like a warzone full of nothing but keyword spamming.

Search Engine Optimization Example 3
Actual MSN screenshot - our site ranks #1
Search Engine Optimization Example 2
Actual Yahoo screenshot - our site ranks #1

Watch out for companies that send you unsolicited spam email professing that they can improve your search engine rankings. Consider this: If they were as great as they say they are do you think they'd waste time sending you spam emails? Watch out for their misleading demonstrations where they show you how their site ranks high for keywords. Anybody can do that, and most webmasters are able to find a couple of phrases for which they rank high. Here's an example of search engine optimization service companies - what NOT to look for.

Stay away from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising unless your budget permits, and it makes economic sense. If you are selling products where you make $5 - $10 profit per sale then pay-per-click is hard to justify. On the other hand, if you're a real estate agent where one sale could result in a large profit, then pay-per-click is a fast and feasible way to drive traffic to your website. (We specialize in real estate search engine optimization.) manages and studies many pay-per-click campaigns.

If you choose to exchange links with other websites, don't just do it with anybody. Gone are the days where the man with the most links wins. Only exchange links with websites whose links are beneficial to you and whose content is related to yours. For example, if you have a website selling hunting clothing you definately wouldn't want to exchange links with a site selling limosine rentals! Also worth noting is the time it takes to make sure the other people linking to you don't remove your links. A sneaky tactic some do is getting you to link to them, then they remove your link later when you're not looking. This facilitates a one-way link in their favor.

Anyone professing that their results are immediate and guaranteed is lying. If you don't believe this or something else we've had to say about search engine optimization then read what Google has to say about it.

Results of search engine optimization are not immediate. The optimization we provide takes anywhere from 3-6 months to begin taking effect. The good news is that our results are long lasting!

Are you ready to rank highly on the search engines? Check out our search engine optimization services program.

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