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shreveport trading assistant auctions

 Shreveport Trading Assistant Auctions

Sell your Stuff on eBay,
even if you're 2,000 miles away!

ebay trading assistant case from shreveport auctions

Want to sell your stuff on eBay but don't have the time? We are northwest Louisiana's first ebay consignment shop. Let Shreveport Trading Assistant Auctioneers sell your stuff on ebay for you! We are Ebay's highest-ranked Trading Assistant for all of Northwest Louisiana. Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who will sell your items on eBay. We offer Trading Assistant Services for the following:

Shreveport Ebay trading assistant
  • Consumer / Household

    Household spring cleaning is among common reasons why people have a need for selling stuff on ebay. We all discover belongings we don't want any more, and most people have garage sales to get rid of these items. However, garage sales just aren't what they used to be. Newspaper advertisements for garage sales yield poor turnouts and the buyers usually end up winning out because they purchase your items at very low prices. As a matter of fact, did you know that some people buy items at garage sales for the sole purpose of selling them on ebay? Cash in on the secret they already know - there is an exponentially larger buying audience on ebay which could result in a much higher selling price for your item(s). Plus, you don't have to sacrifice a day of your precious time sitting out in the heat trying to get rid of all this stuff you don't want. Let Shreveport Trading Assistant Auctioneers help you sell it on ebay!

  • Business Liquidation

    Traditional channels enable businesses to only recover $.10 on the dollar for their liquidations. is in a unique position to offer businesses 80% of the selling price of their items. Let Shreveport Trading Assistant Auctioneers help you get the most for your investment recovery!

  • Estate Liquidation

    Our Estate Liquidation Services are the most comprehensive to be found in the Shreveport Bossier City area. Most of us have attended an estate auction. An auctioneer is hired to sell everything, and people gather from all around to place their bid. However, there's always a few things the auctioneer fails to disclose. He never never mentions the damage all those people make when they track mud and debris into the property. Nor does he talk about the occasional people that show up not to bid, but instead to slip a few things into their pockets. Then when they finish ramshacking the place they auction off the real estate for a price that might only bring two-thirds of the appraised value! Shreveport Trading Assistant Auctioneers can perform your estate liquidation and give you more exposure than a traditional auctioneer can ever dream of! And we can do all this without devaluation to your property! Then, with our Louisiana Real Estate License, we can sell your property for every bit as much as the market will tolerate! This is done through collaboration with our SHREVEPORT REAL ESTATE SERVICES. This is all available to you wrapped up in one single package!

  • Charity Events

    Avoid all the efforts in planning for your next charity event. No more building rental, no more rooms full of sweaty, musky people fanning theirselves with bidder cards. Let sell your items on Ebay while you sit back and get paid!

  • Government Surplus can streamline Government Surplus by selling items as they become available, rather than letting them sit in a stockyard while the auctioneer tries to plan some sort of big muddy auction for you. No worrying about the weather here! Our auctions commence whether it be rain or shine because our auctions take place on the internet!

  • Motor Vehicles

    Are you still wasting money on those overpriced, worthless newpaper ads? Seriously, nobody looks in the newpaper any more when buying a car. Where are they looking? The internet of course! If you have a motor vehicle for sale Let Shreveport Trading Assistant Auctioneers run your vehicle through an auction on ebay. Our presentation of motor vehicle auctions is crisp and clean which can result in a higher selling price for your car.

  • IT Asset Recovery

    Let's face it. With the tendency for electronics to depreciate rapidly, that old computer equipment sitting in your storage room isn't getting more valuable. Shelter your investments and dispose of electronic equipment as soon as it is decommissioned. There are always people shopping on ebay for used electronics so long as it isn't 20 years past its life cycle.

shreveport auctions by trading assistant   We are ranked as an ebay power seller. Visit the Shreveport Auctions in our ebay store. Here you'll see our clients' merchandise as well as some of our own.

Give us a call at 800.458.1606

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