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Real Estate Search Engine Optimization - Dueling with DMOZ

Admit it, DMOZ sucks
For most, dealing with DMOZ is a love-hate relationship. Those who get listed in DMOZ love the benefits they receive from the organic link juice. Others grow resentful as they watch crappy sites get listed while theirs site gets passed over. Unfortunately in the eyes of the search engine, Google, DMOZ is a highly accredited human-edited online directory. For this reason only, thousands of hopeful website owners submit their websites for inclusion into the DMOZ directory on a daily basis. A staggering number of these website owners will never be accepted in DMOZ. Many of these hopefuls will visit DMOZ's in search for answers of why they weren't included in the directory, where they are quickly hushed and sometimes even banned from the site. The DMOZ editors running the forum at are often arrogant and snide in their remarks towards people looking for answers why they weren't included in the directory. The fight with DMOZ is no different when submitting your real estate site. There are corrupt editors, dumb editors, lazy editors, arrogant editors, and self-promoting editors. Believe it or not, many of the editors in categories specific to your locality are real estate agents that became editors years ago. They've stayed under the radar all this time and continue to promote themselves and their friends through DMOZ. If you don't believe this then watch closely for trends in the category you're trying to be listed in. We've been watching one category for two years and have seen some crazy things take place in there.

List your site in DMOZ and get on to better things
List your real estate site in your target DMOZ category and move on to better things. Take note of the date at the bottom of the screen that shows the last time your category was edited. Check back weekly and see if that date changes. If it has not changed then do nothing. If it has changed then take a look if your site was included. If it wasn't included then resubmit your site. Repeat this procedure and hopefully you'll catch the editor in a good mood, and he'll list your site. DMOZ recommends that you only submit your site once and see if it gets listed. Baloney! Resubmit your site every time the date changes so you're always up for review. We've listed sites in DMOZ and find this tactic to work the best.

Don't waste your time fretting about DMOZ
The best advice we can offer you is not to fret about DMOZ listing your site. Remind yourself that there are millions of other ways to get the coveted link juice! Spend your time getting positive results for your online marketing effort. Submit your site to the Yahoo Directory (, submit to, or get an idx property search added to your real estate site. And most of all, focus most of your energy building a wonderful website that people will add to their favorites list!

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