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Real Estate IDX Solution

Display MLS Data on Your Website

Websites for Realtors & Real Estate


Sick and tired of one realtor getting all the business?

Deal with him now before he gets even bigger.

Blow your competition away with a custom idx real estate website!

Let's make your phone ring with real estate leads. builds custom real estate websites so you can have your piece of the pie.

realtor websites

Already have a website? No problem. We integrate custom idx into existing real estate websites.

Check out an example of our work. Look at this Custom IDX real estate web site in Shreveport.

Give us a call at 800.458.1606

No matther what town or city, it always seems that a FEW realtors have ALL the business. Why? Who knows! Maybe they've been in the business a while. Maybe some have friends in high places. Nevertheless, the internet is a good place to compete on a level playing field. With your real estate website and custom idx solution you have the opportunity to sway customers. There's no better way to get your piece of the real estate market.

Custom IDX for your real estate website allows you to present listing information to your site visitors formatted the way you want it. Ordinary idx feeds are framed into websites and echoed from the source. While this method provides information to your visitors, it does not set you apart from your competition.

Our custom idx solution uses the property's physical address and integrates with our google maps api. The end result is a self-generated map with a beautiful aerial view of the property.

Enabling custom idx on your website has certain advantages to your search engine rankings as well. We specialize in real estate search engine optimization.

Give us a call at 800.458.1606

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